The e-cigarette is the new alternative to help people to quit smoking. It does not contain the harmful chemicals like tar or tobacco which cause health complications. It contains a liquid and an atomizer that helps convert this liquid into vapor form when inhaled. It is a battery operated so also an added advantage is that it can be reused so it is quite cost effective in a long run.

What is e liquid?
It is mainly the solution that is put inside an e cig to give out its vapor or flavor.

What ingredients are in eliquid?
The ingredients that are used to make the liquid may vary from brand to brand but the basic recipe remains the same. The preparation starts with making a base that is used to give out vapor. In most preparations, the base is made from polypropylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. These two ingredients are used as food additives everywhere so they do not cause any health problems. They are approved by the FDA to be safe and are used in making asthma inhalers. They will not cause any allergic reactions to the respiratory system.
Apart from that, artificial flavoring which is water soluble and natural may be used to add flavor to the vapor produced. These flavoring agents are also used in basic food preparations and differ for different flavors.

Benefits of E-cigarettes
The e cig is considered the best alternative to quit smoking since it gives the same satisfaction of smoking to the user but with minimal health risks. It does not give out any smoke and tar when inhaled so it is definitely a safer option than tobacco cigarette smoking. Since, there is no smoke or tar given out during the smoking there is no chance of giving out second hand smoke and causing discomfort to others around you. You can also smoke the e cigs in restaurants, bars or outdoors and it is completely legal.
It won’t leave any kind of odor on your fingers or clothing. Your teeth will also be stainless along with that.
It is a great option since along with keeping yourself safe you are keeping others also safe around you. Now even in the middle of a party you won’t have to keep being isolated to smoke.

Many electronic cigarette users have given positive reviews about this option. It is known to save a regular smoker about $1000 every year on smoking so it is definitely a cost effective alternative that you would want to consider. It is cheap plus reasonable so you should give it a try. Most brands will provide you free assistance before placing your order and you can visit the website any time.