Electronic Cigarette Reviews of Some of the Most Popular Brands

There are many people discovering the many benefit of electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco smoking. Aside the from the health benefits of not being exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals and potentially being able to ween oneself off nicotine entirely, there are other factors in favor of electronic cigarettes as well. This includes no smelly second hand smoke, the ability to smoke indoors in public places, and the money one saves on packs of tobacco cigarettes that are priced sky high. Here are some electronic cigarette reviews of some of the most popular brands for those looking to make the switch.

The best brand of e cigarette is Simply eLiquid. One of the things that former tobacco smokers love about V2 is that they have managed to get the flavor of smoking pretty close to the real thing. The red flavor is probably the best for a tobacco-like experience. They also have a wide variety of other great flavors such as menthol, coffee, and vanilla.

Another big advantage that V2 has is that it actually sells refill liquids. The concept works similar to refill ink and refill kits that people use to cut down on the expenses associated with ink jet printing. By refilling your own cartridges by hand, you can save tons of money on your smoking habit.

The one big disadvantage of the V2 is that their standard battery life leaves a lot to be desired. It really only lasts a few hours. If you are in a room where you can charge up, this might not be a problem. However, if you are out and about it could be quite inconvenient. So purchasing extra batteries is probably a must. They also just released an extended life battery which you can upgrade to that should help to improve this situation.

After V2, the next best electronic cigarette brand is VaporZone. This company stands out for producing some very interesting vapor delivery technology. Their products are meant to go way beyond just simply puff and smoke. For example, some of their devices include a puff counter for those who want to track their smoking habit. Others feature a variable voltage so that you can tweak the amount of liquid that you vaporize with each puff. Some of the higher end models feature two batteries for producing a lot of vapor for one puff. While not everyone will be interested in these features, these can be nice options to have for those who taking their smoking experience seriously.

Another very highly regarded electronic cigarette manufacturer is South Beach Smoke. These feature a nice set of flavors that many will find superior to most other electronic cigarette brands. The product also carries a battery that outlasts most of the other e cigarettes out there. One really cool feature that this manufacturer provides is a box like holder, similar to a regular cigarette carton. One can use it to stylishly hold multiple vaporizers and switch them out if one happens to lose its charge.

Bull Smoke is one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands. One of the reasons why is that they sell one of the cheapest starter kits available. Its low end kit sells for only $29.95 which is about half of what other manufacturers charge. They have a wide variety of flavors and offer a very powerful Kentucky Battery that tends to have 50% more staying power than that of most brands.

Without a doubt, smoking is headed in the direction of electronic cigarettes. Between the variety, cost, and health benefits of e cigarettes, it is hard to find a good reason to smoke regular cigarettes any more. Any of the brands mentioned in this article would be good ones for first time e smokers to try.