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The smoking ban has affected many people but those who have purchased an e-cig can now enjoy inhaling the flavoured vapour that is provided by the electronic cigarette. We stock a variety of electronic smoking devices and refills. Those who decide to swap traditional tobacco for nicotine vapour will be pleasantly surprised at the mellow taste of the purified nicotine. These vaporisers contain no carcinogenic substances and many people use them to help to wean themselves off of ordinary tobacco.
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The Ecig has been hailed as one of the top ten electronic gadgets on the market today and a lot of people regard it as being the eighth wonder of the world. Walk down your local high street and you will see many people enjoying the benefits of a personal vaporiser. The Ecig is here to stay and we would like you to contact us so that we can share our selection of starter kits and liquids with you. If you are trying to locate the best e cig uk has to offer then you need look no further. No cigarette ash, no smoky breath, no second hand smoke for others to inhale and a lot of money saved. These are just a few benefits of the electronic cig. We order many new and exciting e cigarettes and liquids every day so take a glance at our wide range of affordable goods.